Timberframe Homes

The visual effects of a FOOTPRINT Timberframe Home is very dramatic, often described as cathedral-like, and the beauty and warmth of the wood is the key element of the interior design. A Timberframe Home is built from large wooden components that form the structure of the home and require no interior load-bearing walls.

Timber framing methods have been used for centuries, yet today the method is typically reserved for use in high-end, luxury homes or smaller homes where the aesthetic value of the timberframe style is desirable. The dramatic, sculpture-like timbers are enclosed within the walls of the home, which can be enclosed with any type of exterior material you choose, including logs, siding, paneling, wood, stone, brick, etc. The styling can be continued with exterior components that reflect and complement the style, including posts, trusses, porches and more.

Common wood species used in timber frame homes include pine and Douglas fir. We recommend considering both the aesthetic and structural aspects of each wood species when considering a Timberframe Home. Our expert engineers can guide you in choosing the best wood species for your region and design.

At FOOTPRINT Log Homes, we cut each piece to exact measurements. Our advanced technology enables us to design and engineer a custom home that fits your needs, potentially saving you a great deal of money in the long-term because of the relative ease of constructing our homes. The home’s entire frame is cut in our factory. After quality control checks to ensure the home conforms to strict international quality standards, the components are shipped directly to your building site.