Handcrafted Log Homes

FOOTPRINT Handcrafted or Hand-hewn Log Homes, with their whole log construction, have a bold appearance. The sturdiness and sense of presence are unparalleled. FOOTPRINT Handcrafted Log Homes are built with carefully selected Canadian logs. Our veteran log builders process, hand-peel, pre-assemble, and inspect the logs according to strict quality standards at our manufacturing facility.  The logs in each home are then labeled, disassembled and shipped to locations around the world.  Our experienced woodworkers assemble the pieces before they ship to ensure everything fits correctly.  After quality control checks to ensure the home conforms to strict international quality standards, the components are dismantled, packaged and shipped directly to your building site.

Key Features of FOOTPRINT Handcrafted Log Homes

  • Premium quality air dried, machine-peeled and knife-finished logs, free of mildew, scars and other defects
  • Available in your choice of Englemann Spruce, Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar
  • Full length logs up to 50 feet
  • No visible splice or butt joints
  • Average wall log diameter of 13″-14″ at the midpoint, 12″-18″ at the ends
  • Diamond or Saddle corner notching
  • Scribe fit using V joint lateral grooves with a minimum 3″ width
  • Notch and Groove insulating
  • Drilling for through bolting
  • Drilling and flattening for electrical wiring
  • Log joists cut flat for decking, roof purlins and ridgepoles cut to the roof pitch
  • Flattening, slotting and ledge cuts for subsequent frame and finish materials
  • Bottom round flattened to rest solidly on floor
  • Window and door openings final cut, sanded and ready for unit installation. Keyway boards included
  • Sanding of all exposed chainsaw cuts, including bevel cuts, log end trim, archways, & flats
  • Handcrafted log stairs and railings available