How to Find the Right Log Home Contractor for You

Selecting the log home dealer who will supply your home is one thing; however a good quality product is only as good as the team that builds it.

Research thoroughly to find the skilled team who will handle the job to complete your “Dream Home”. Here are a few tips to guide you along the way:

  • Your local log home dealer will offer you a list of General Contractors and Subs who have been used before, it is then your responsibility to interview them.
  • Make sure that those recommended are familiar with the log profile you have chosen; someone who only does “handscribed log” may not be the person to erect a milled log and visa versa.
  • Customer recommendations – Even more valuable than the dealer recommendations are the names of their previous customers. They will tell you how the job was handled and express any concerns/praises they experienced.
  • Visit contractors current job sites, if he’s not currently erecting a home you may ask why!!
  • Check out references; ask homeowners if there were any hidden extra costs.
  • Ask for details of workman’s compensation insurance including that of the subs. The local building authority will advise on local licenses that are required.
  • Consider being your own General Contactor (GC) – first ask yourself do you have the time, knowledge and experience to manage the project. Beware also that some banks may not fund a project without a formal qualified GC.

    Finding the right GC and Subs, is one of the most important element of the home. No matter how good the log producer’s product is it will only be as good as the efforts put in by the contractors to erect it. Choose wisely; interview at least two GC’s, make sure that these are people that you are able to communicate and work with for the coming months. Remember its not all down to cost, if a GC claims to be considerably cheaper than another ask your self WHY!!. Similarly most contractors are booked for months ahead, if you find one with a hole in his schedule you may see a “Red Flag” Ask why!!

    Finally timing is of the essence – if you go to the bother of organizing your home supplier months before delivery of the home, why wait until the last minute to lock in a GC, you may then only get what’s left and not the “cream of the crop”. The two processes should be done in tandem to avoid pitfalls. liaise with your log home dealer right from the start; if they are good in their business they know the quality of what’s out there.