Fire Safety for Log and Timber Frame Homes

Fire safety is a top concern during this time of year. These fire safety tips are applicable to all of us, no matter what kind of home we live in.

Fire Safety Log and Timber Frame Homes

Fire Safety Tips

  • Consider a metal roof instead of shingle.
  • Any skylights in the roof will help the fire escape if it starts in the house.
  • Install frost-free water spigots around the home so that you have a good water supply should you need it.
  • Keep vegetation at least 100 yards from the house to create a fire break.
  • Trim trees and remove dead ones–this is good forest management.
  • Check with your local fire department to see if they offer a management program.
  • If you store logs for your fireplace, keep the wood a good distance from the house. For example, do not stack wood on the side of the house or under the deck.
  • Make sure everyone knows the way out should a fire occur indoors and have a meeting place determined so that you can do a head count to make sure everyone is out.
  • If you have a second floor, have a fire ladder handy by an exit window should you need to leave that way. These are readily available at most local stores and come boxed.
  • Have an emergency kit ready to go with all the essentials in case you are displaced for any length of time. Include a change of clothing, toiletries, towels, medication, first aid kit, flashlight and a spare pair of shoes.
  • If you have pets, leave their crates accessible so that you can safely cage them if you have a little notice of evacuation.
  • Have a box ready to take important paperwork .
  • Know alternate safety routes from your property.
  • Relocate your precious photographs to a spot for easy pickup.
  • And lastly, make sure you change the batteries in your fire alarms regularly. A good time to do this is in the autumn when you change to daylight savings (if applicable).

While many of these tips are common sense, it never hurts to be reminded sometimes.