May 2017 Newsletter

Maintaining your Investment

Your home is your biggest investment and now that spring is here it is time to address maintenance on the exterior. This month’s topic will give you tips on what, when and how things need to be done.

  • Initial Stain protection:
    • Having spent a considerable sum of money on your dream home, don’t skimp on one of the most important areas.. the exterior!
    • There are numerous products on the market to protect the exterior of your home and whatever product you use, choose wisely; the top end of the product range will give you 3-5 years before you have to reapply a maintenance coat depending on where you build and the weather exposure. However the least expensive product will cost you more in the end as you will be reapplying stain every couple of years.
    • Remember also that the stain is designed to protect against Ultra Violet (UV), therefor the lighter the colour you choose which has less UV protection, the more frequently you will reapply.
  • Reapply Stain:
    • Why do it? UV rays are woods worst enemy. As stain ages it breaks down letting in the UV rays that penetrate and attack wood fibre and inviting water damage. If your stain is intact it will help counter those effects. Fresh stain not only looks good but it is a relatively inexpensive way of protecting your investment.
  • How do I know when to stain?
    • Much is written on the topic and the simple answer is to use a garden hose ( not a power washer) and hose down your logs 2 or 3 times a summer, this keeps them clean and relatively dust free, dust attracts the UV rays which in turn breaks down the stain. . When the water is applied if the droplets bead up much like polish on a car the ‘All is well’. If the water runs off then you know it is time to reapply your stain!
  • What to do about those cracks in the exterior walls:
    • If they are on the underside of the rounded profile of the log there is not much that is needed from a maintenance standpoint but you may wish to fill those for cosmetics.
    • If however, they are on the upper side of the log they will need to be filled to stop water and dust infiltration. A good product for this purpose is call ‘Log Builder’ made by Sashco. You should run a bead of this into the crack to seal it from the elements. If the crack is really big then take a strip of ‘Backer Rod’ (a round foam strip that you can find this in most hardware stores) put this in to take up most of the space then apply the log builder.
  • Here are a few suggestions for the product:
    • Sikkens Oil Based
    • Permachink Water Based
    • Sashco Water Based

By following these simple steps you will keep your home looking beautiful for years to come.

Featured Floor Plan: Meadow View
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Meadow View
Bedrooms: 3 + loft
Bathrooms: 2.5
Square Footage: 1,852

The perfectly proportioned Meadow View works well for families or retirees. The beautiful great room includes a full kitchen with island countertop, offering nice separation of space. A dining area and comfortable seating area make relaxing or entertaining a pleasure.

The downstairs master bedroom offers privacy. A second 1/2 bath and mudroom are also on the main floor. The upstairs loft can be configured for two more bedrooms and another full bath. The open loft area can be used for any number of purposes — office space, reading nook, children’s play room or crafting center are just a few ideas to get you thinking!