How to Compare Different Log Home Packages

Comparing Apples to Apples

apples to orangesYou have been researching log and timber homes and maybe you have been to a log & timber home show and even attended the university; you now have all the information you need to make an educated decision on what style home you want, who will supply the package and when you plan to build your dream home…maybe! Hopefully you are not more confused than when you started on this journey! There is a lot of information to process before you can make that final decision.

Points to ponder when you are trying to decide between different Log or Timber home packages.

  • Is the log element of the package pre-cut or random length? Pre-cut log walls will save time during construction. If a company offers pre-cut, establish what that means – corners, window/door openings ready for external trim, electrical chases drilled through and boxes cut out.
  • What size and species are the logs? Footprint’s Douglas Fir 8″ double tongue and groove logs give greater contact than a 10″ Swedish cope log, which is important for energy.
  • Are the windows and external doors included, and if so, are the windows wood/clad or vinyl?
  • Is there a warranty against the logs themselves? Most companies will warranty the logs, then the window manufacturers warranty covers the windows and doors.
  • Does the package include soffit and fascia material/exterior trim for around the windows and doors?
  • Is the 2nd floor system included or an option?
  • Stairs – included or option?
  • Do they include all of the necessary fasteners etc. to construct the package? Typically nails for nail guns are not included.
  • Is the material for all of the interior framed walls included?
  • Does the package include ‘site specific’ engineered plans or are they just engineered for the State/Province of build? If so, this would mean going back to a local engineer to have them approved for your specific property, an additional cost to you!
  • Do the plans include the foundation and sub floor drafting, even if the company does not provide the materials for this?
  • Is the tongue and groove for the cathedral ceiling included or optional?
  • How are the logs joined on a long wall…spline, glue or dove tail joint?

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Photo of log joint
Ask how the logs are joined
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