Milled, Swedish Cope, Timber Frame and Handcrafted Log Homes: What the Right Choice for You?

What is the difference between Milled Log, Swedish Cope, Timber Frame, and Hand Crafted homes? Here we will endeavor to make this a little clearer!

Milled Log Homes
…use logs that are cut by a machine to a uniform diameter. A milled log has been put through a saw mill, lathe or planer. these machines cut the logs into the desired shape or profile. When you look at a milled log home all the logs will be a uniform size and shape. Milled log homes are one of the most popular types of log homes because of the appeal of the logs’ uniformity and consistency.

Swedish Cope
…is also a milled log but is a full round log that has been coped at the bottom and milled to a uniform size as opposed to the Hand Crafted log that is tapered and crafted by hand.

Timber Frame Homes
…visually are very dramatic, often described as cathedral-like. the beauty and warmth of the wood is the key element of the interior design. A timber frame home is built from large timber components that form the structure of the home requiring no interior load bearing walls. A timber frame home is composed of vertical posts and horizontal beams. these beams then connect the posts to form the frame work of the house.

Hand Crafted Log Homes
…have a more traditional, rustic look. Each log is hand-peeled with a draw knife, hand scribed, chiseled and cut with chain saws to form a perfect fit to the log below. During the assemble at the manufacturing facility. The expert wood workers ensure the log walls will remain tight throughout the natural seasoning and settling process. The logs are inspected according to strict quality standards. the logs are marked carefully according to the construction plan then disassembled and shipped directly to your location for reassembly. the result is a natural rustic look that is very appealing to those interested in a very traditional home.

Lastly, the Hybrid home
…which is becoming more and more popular, can be a combination of styles. Typically this is a stick built structure with Timber or Log elements, particularly in the Great Room.

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