February/March 2019

Who does not have a budget in mind when it comes to building your dream home?Here are 10 handy tips to help you stay within that budget! Building up instead of out reduces cost of concrete on a large foundation.... Read More

December 2018/January 2019 Newsletter

Do you wake up some mornings feeling parched, dry nose and itchy eyes? Are the hardwood floors in your new log home creaking and groaning like an old ship? Did static electricity make loved ones and pets cringe at the... Read More

October/November 2018 Newsletter

With Fall upon us and winter approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your log or timber home project. The design service offered by Footprint Log Homes will take you through the process of designing your home... Read More

August/September 2018 Newsletter

Questions to Ask at a Log Home Show or Touring a Model home Touring a model home is a great opportunity to see what a log home looks and feels like. You may be eager to visualize your ideas in... Read More

July 2018 Newsletter

Financing your New Home While most people initially concentrate on choosing a log or timber frame manufacturer they very often put to the back of their minds the next most important step – How to fund their dream home. Most... Read More

June 2018 Newsletter

A log or timber frame home depends on two essential factors: A high quality product and outstanding customer service. You need both to successfully achieve the home of your dreams. Footprint Log Homes is comprised of a group of highly... Read More

May 2018 Newsletter

While logs are an excellent insulator, your home will need a little help to keep your home at the ideal temperature in both winter and summer. Cooling in the summer: Ceiling fans are still a good option but it seems... Read More

April 2018 Newsletter

Planning Your Dream Home From the time you make your initial contact with us we are working with you to achieve your dream home in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Let the team at Footprint Log Homes... Read More

March 2018 Newsletter

Selecting the log home producer who will supply your home is one thing; however a good quality product is only as good as the team that builds it. Research thoroughly for the skilled team who will handle the job to... Read More

February 2018 Newsletter

History of the Log Home The Log Home has a long history with the oldest log home said to date from the year 30 BC. Here are a brief history and some interesting facts. Historically, log cabin construction has its... Read More

January 2018 Newsletter

Your Guide to Going Green As Green Construction is becoming more and more popular, Footprint Log Homes is committed to helping you achieve your Green Building goals. If that goal is to save energy, create a healthy home environment, be... Read More