Milled log homes have a warm idyllic feel to them. FOOTPRINT Milled Log Homes carries on the tradition of this building system by providing modern-day nature lovers with well-constructed log homes made with carefully selected materials.  Through years of production experience, FOOTPRINT Milled Log Homes offer you high quality machine-cut log homes at reasonable prices.

Milled logs come in a number of profiles; Flat/Flat, Double D, Swedish Cope or the most popular “D” profile.

The “D” profile or D-logs provide a rounded finish on the exterior walls while the interior walls are flush to accommodate modern finishing.  Our manufacturing facility has consistently produced high quality Milled Log Homes for over 20 years.  Our manufacturer uses computer numerical control (CNC) machinery to cut each piece to exact measurements. Our advanced technology enables us to design and engineer a custom home that fits your needs, potentially saving you a great deal of money in the long-term because of the relative ease of constructing our homes. The home’s entire frame is cut in our factory. After quality control checks to ensure the home conforms to strict international quality standards, the components are shipped directly to your building site.

Key Features of Milled Log Homes

  • Kiln dried and milled to exacting tolerances
  • Available in your choice of Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar
  • 8″x8″ Double Tongue and Groove exterior “D” wall logs 8″x8″
  • 8″x8″ Double Tongue and Groove Flat 2 sides is optional for interior wall logs 8″x8″
  • Fully interlocking corner notching to plan specifications
  • Window and door openings cut to specifications
  • Electrical chases and boxes cut to specifications
  • Dovetail construction of all butt joints, providing superior strength and insulating qualities
  • Predrilling of thru-bolt holes
  • Two rows of foam insulating tape for assembly
  • Thru-bolt rods with nuts and washers
  • Lags with washers for wall pinning
  • Angle cuts on plate logs, roof purlins and ridges for roof slope



  • Matching profile log siding for gables and/or interior frame wall paneling
  • Glue-lam beams for special load requirements