October/November 2017 Newsletter

Comparing Apples to Apples You have been researching log and timber homes and maybe you have been to a log & timber home show and even attended the university; you now have all the information you need to make an... Read More

September 2017 Newsletter

The planning and construction process for building a Log or Timber Frame home If you are planning to build a log or timber frame home you will find that much of the work starts before construction ever begins. It is... Read More

August 2017 Newsletter

Planning for retirement The majority of those who are considering a log home purchase typically do so with two thoughts in mind.. the ‘dream cabin in the woods’ and ‘retirement’. If retiring in your new home is the aim, then... Read More

July 2017 Newsletter

So, you want to build a log or timber home? Where to start… Note: If you intend to use a construction loan to finance your home, contact your lender before attempting any of the following to see what their policy... Read More

June 2017 Newsletter

What is included in the Country Cut Milled Log Home Package? The number one problem people have during their research is comparing “Apples to Apples”. Our aim is to give you the guidance needed to make an educated decision that... Read More

May 2017 Newsletter

Maintaining your Investment Your home is your biggest investment and now that spring is here it is time to address maintenance on the exterior. This month’s topic will give you tips on what, when and how things need to be... Read More

April 2017 Newsletter

You and Your Budget! 10 Handy Tips Who does not have a budget when it comes to building your dream home? Here are ten handy tips to help you save money. Building up instead of out reduces cost of concrete... Read More

March 2017 Newsletter

Thermal Mass – Benefits Recognized Most of us are still under a blanket of snow after a hard winter but spring really is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to think about your log or timber... Read More

February 2017 Newsletter

Financing your New Home While most people initially concentrate on choosing a log or timber frame manufacturer they very often put to the back of their minds the next most important step – How to fund their dream home. Most... Read More

January 2017 Newsletter

Log Home Research on the Internet Doing your log home research on the internet is a great start but what do you look for, what do you ask and what does it mean to invest in a log home? Here... Read More

December 2016 Newsletter

Humidity in Your Home Do you wake up some mornings feeling parched, dry nose and itchy eyes? Are the hardwood floors in your new Log Home creaking and groaning like an old ship? Did static electricity make loved ones and... Read More